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Amsco 600M Sterilizer                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Steris-


The AMSCO 600 Steam Sterilizer is manufactured to the highest quality in a facility designed to meet the more rigorous demands of life science and pharmaceutical applications. The AMSCO 600 can be supplied in a range of steam supply configurations to match your hospital facilities and expectations.  It is supplied in four sizes to match the size of your Central Sterilization department with either single door or passthrough options.

  • High quality components
  • All pipework upstream of the sterilizer chamber is 316L quality stainless steel with all sanitary and selected tri-clamp fittings to maintain stream quality.
  • Easy to use, efficient to run
  • Simple touchscreen controls allow standard cycle selection and simple download of XML data file to allow connection to an independent hospital track and trace system.
  • • Compliant to EN 285, is designed to be validated to EN ISO 17665 in your hospital and is CE marked to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
  • • Chamber sizes come in 4 sizes; 675 x 675 x 990 mm, 675 x 675 x 1290 mm, 675 x 675 x 1590 mm and 675 x 675 x 1890 mm
  • • Every unit is manufactured under an ISO 13485 Quality System
  • • Designed for European STU-size capacity loading.






Product ID: SST105