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CA 9612 Steam Sterilizer                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Belimed-

  • Sterile processing departments requiring large capacity systems for maximum throughput are the perfect fit for the CA 9600 series of steam sterilizers. Designed around the basic principles of workflow improvement, maximizing resource efficiency, and lowering operating costs, this series of steam sterilizers is best in class for high volume sterilization in sizes ranging from 16 trays to 24 trays. Features Three high capacity sizes, CA 9612 (26 x 43 x 55 ) CA 9615 (26 x 43 x 67) and CA 9618 (26 x 43 x 79) available to meet a variety of volume requirements Control panel is password protected and allows operator to program different cycle parameters based on IFUs Options available to integrate with chilled water systems, reducing water consumption per cycle and lowering utility costs Steam-to-steam heat exchangers provide contaminate free steam (Clean Steam), reducing the need for expensive chamber maintenance and extending the life of medical instruments Accessories Loading racks and transport carts Steam to steam heat exchanger Single door and double door models Seismic anchoring














Product ID: SST101